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  • Téléphone : +33 (0)6 83 42 74 69

Flexibility & Agility

Independent communications agency managed by Rinske APPELO, since 2011.


The benefits of dealing with an independant communications agency:

Essentially, getting your communications job done professionally, with lower organization costs and fewer constraints.


A network of over 15 cutting-edge partners

Our role is to identify the best partners who will be able to enhance your communications project:

We collaborate with a network of top partners throughout the graphics and digital chain and the manufacturing of communication objects, including internationally. We also have a network of European communications and translation partners, and consultants specialized in customer and employee experience design, to take your communications a bit further.

Local supply preferred, but distant sourcing is also possible. True to the values which enable to better live together with restrained resources, we prefer sustainable or recycled materials as well as processes which facilitate those actions which will actually preserve our environment.

Because “Less is More”.