Téléphone : +33 (0)6 83 42 74 69
  • E-Mail : rinske@com-etc.consulting
  • Téléphone : +33 (0)6 83 42 74 69


Some essentials brought by her experience:

  • Infinite curiosity, with a double culture, technical and business, which has taken her to communicate in any sector.

  • Organized, structured, used to practicing international and multicultural teams: a strong mark from her MBA schooling at Lancaster University (UK) and Ecole de Management Lyon (France), her Lean 6 Sigma black-belt certification and her career with one of the largest computer companies in the world. Trilingual fluency in French, English and Dutch*

  • Effectiveness, agility, quality: as an independent since 10 years, getting straight to the point is key!

  • Last but not least, she is driven by aesthetics, a must in visual design, and by our environmental footprint. Our world needs us to take care of it.

* A Dutch educated in France and Great Britain. This explains her inherited first name, which by the way means « little queen ».

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