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POS material for Auchan’s retail stores


POS material for Auchan’s retail stores

Project details

Customer:  Auchan  – Fruits & vegetables Central Purchasing Office

Partner: Perle du Nord

Deliverables: Posters / Streamers / Inflatable balloons / Customized aprons

Date: 2014

For the annual fruits & vegetables departments celebration in their hypermarkets, Auchan, a major French retail group, gave us carte blanche once more to create a festive and authentic atmosphere across the 125+ stores. The fruits & vegetables department is actually the driving force which attracts customers into the stores, hence the importance of delivering right on time POS material which is effective.  

Those celebrations also aim at reinforcing the pride of the department’s employees, the « Primeurs ».


Design (with custom photography or the selection of stock pictures) and production of POS material to enhance the direct link between the retails stores and the producers: streamers, kakemonos and posters, fruit-shaped inflatable balloons (delivered in a kit along with an instruction leaflet, string and a pump). Some operations are sponsored by producers. Perle du Nord, an endive producer from the North of France, sponsored this one, and we coordinated directly with them the blueprint and financing aspects.