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Branded apples for Les Fruits de Provence


Branded apples for Les Fruits de Provence

Détails du projet

Client : Les Fruits de Provence

Partenaire : Mattel

Supports : Stickers / Cartonnages / Affiches

Date : 2011

Les Fruits de Provence needed to develop their apple sales to the French mass-market retail and to wholesale in European countries. For their Cripps Pink apples, they had made the choice not to join the Pink Lady consortium, and they needed therefore to develop a strong branding identity in order to enhance their produce.

Design and production of POS materials and packaging to help enhance the apples, for France as well as the translations to export in the UK and Germany. Negotiation of the license rights for three years with Mattel. 

Barbie is slim, she eats apples. Three Barbie dolls are sold every second worldwide, 4 million a year in France. The sensory qualities of the Cripps Pink apple are such that they too are top of the line: they represent 10% of all apple sales in the UK. This apple and Barbie were hard-wired to connect! Targeting girls and their mums in addition enabled to better sell small-calibre apples.