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Email case status notifications to HP EMEA’s customers


Email case status notifications to HP EMEA’s customers

Project details

Customer: Hewlett-Packard, EMEA Support

Deliverables: Automated email notifications sent from the European workflow systems

Date: 2006

HP Support EMEA is a big engine. Spread across Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as in a few centralized locations, the teams in charge of the phone support and hardware repairs handle tens of thousands customers, every day, on dozens of different references. The quest for technical excellence does not always show in the customers’ responses to satisfaction surveys. 

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the customer satisfaction surveys, in order to determine and prioritize improvement paths. Definition and management of an improvement project to automate customer notifications at several key stages of a support case, taking into account customer data privacy regulationsChiseling of the wording and the translations of the notifications in order to fit to 23 countries and 18 different languages. All this, using the Six Sigma approach.

HP Support was organized vertically by product range with relatively little integration within each country. This means that several processes and systems were running side by side as well as a different customer experience, depending on the product which was down, be it a printer, a PC or a system. Part of the exercise has been to understand the commonalities between all the different support processes and to determine the lowest common denominators which were really addressing the customer information needs across EMEA, in order to wear one face.