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Brand image for the Mazet des Papes farm


Brand image for the Mazet des Papes farm

Project details

Customer: Mazet des Papes

Date: 2010 – 2016

Deliverables: Logo / promotion video / merchant website (Magento) / newsletter / posters, flyers / packaging, labels in 4 languages

When this farm was taken over in 2010, the target customers were informed locavores who were interested in the farm-inn’s atmosphere, which was serving the “best brunches in Avignon” and BBQ chops from the farm’s lambs, served with the house beer. 

The farm also addressed, almost in hiding from the activist customers mentioned earlier, big players in the retail and away-from-home sectors as well as organic distributors and city central kitchens in the greater South-East region of France. 

Precision and consistency of the communications have been key to match those diverse interests. 

Production of a promotion video, a merchant website, POS material and packaging to showcase the farm’s produce. The management of press relations, social networks, a blog, a newsletter and the organization of several events have insured the vitality of the brand image of the farm and of its second brand, “Bière des Pénitents”.

The French “Evin” law protects consumers by imposing a clear separation between alcoholic beverages and the fruit juices produced by the farm. After the Percheron draft horse which served as the farm’s logo, the launch of farm’s own beer has been an opportunity to showcase with some humor one of the Hampshire sheep raised on the farm, and the relative penance of enjoying a good pint. To be taken in moderation.