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Communications consultancy

It all begins by being totally immersed and capturing your universe. Then, picking up the discordant notes, the silences. And, proposing a communications strategy that will resonate with your very own message. Com etc. Consulting propose solutions that will address your needs, whether you are dealing with professional clients or the general public, whether you have a small budget or a much larger one. With clear objectives to measure your success.

  • branding & communications strategy
  • visual identity
  • editorial map
A complete range of solutions

Our objective is… to make your very own music resonate, where opportunities exist but also those unrevealed! So that your clients lend an ear, understand the message, and say, “Yes, that’s the way we want to go”, and, confidently, they enter into your universe.

Com etc. Consulting design and produce for you:

  • print sales documentation
  • website, display and retail
  • social networks
  • POS, packaging, labels, communications objects
Professional editing 

An essential component of any communication tool. Technical subjects, general public or a mix of both, making it understandable to all: each word is carefully chosen so that your story is clear and instantly grasped. So that your universe comes over as rich, alive and appealing.

  • newsletter
  • corporate brochure
  • press release

chiseled out for you by Com etc. Consulting in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese…

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